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The Pottery Throw down is approaching; Local Potters sign-up now.

bowlsWow has it been a year already since the 1st Pottery Throw Down? Yup.  If you recall, at the event last year, our volunteer potter’s threw 180 bowls that ended up being used over the course of several events; the biggest one that raised over $15,000 for homeless youth at Nicolet Square.  This years “Throw Down” will be on Saturday October 15th at Uptown Clay ( formerly known as Fire on the Greenway).  We are still at 2845 Harriet in south Minneapolis.  We will have a bunch of wheels set-up and pre-wedged clay to make bowls with. We will have a helpful “Clay Wench” to respond to the potters every wish and desire.  We are asking for “guest” potters (that’s you)  to volunteer a few hours to come and throw bowls.  We will take care of trimming and firing and the bowls.  The finished bowls will be donated to an event Empty Bowls is sponsoring in conjunction with Kingfield Neighborhood.  Here is a little bit about how they use the bowls for fundraising;

In case you are unfamiliar with Empty Bowls, it is a an event that combines art, food, local businesses, nonprofits, and lots and lots of neighbors raising awareness and funds to combat hunger in our neighborhood. The 2017 Empty Bowls event in Minneapolis will again benefit Nicollet Square, an organization located in Kingfield neighborhood that provides affordable housing and a supportive environment for young adults who have experienced homelessness or have been in the foster care system. Last year we were able to donate over $15,000 to Nicollet Square through this single evening event! (BTW that’s double what they did the year before)

 The concept of Kingfield Empty Bowls is simple: Attendees make a donation (suggested at $20 per bowl), select a beautiful handmade bowl donated by a local pottery artist, enjoy a hearty meal of soup prepared by volunteers or donated by local restaurants and then keep their bowl as a reminder that many of our neighbors are in need of food and housing.

We would love to local potters and have them sign up for a 2-3 hour shift.  We will have some snacks and beverages. We ‘ve established that the hours are10:00-4:00 like last year, but we need to schedule timeslots so we can fit everyone in.  Let Jon know at know if you can participate and what would be a preferable time for you and he will get the schedule set-up.  Thanks so much everyone.  It’s always great to gather a bunch of potters together and how nice that our little hobby for “making stuff” can benefit homeless kids in our community.


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