About Us

Uptown Clay is a combination of artists studios and sales gallery. We are located right off the greenway in Uptown on Harriet. We are 1 1/2 block north of Lake street on Harriet Ave,one-way a  street also going north. Each year we have 2 sales, one to celebrate spring and one in early December to help you get ready for the holidays! We love potters, we love pots, we love artists and we love art.

Stop by and see us, for handcrafted pottery and ceramics.  Our pots are hand crafted by artists who live and work in your  community.  You are supporting not only a local business, but a business that makes art in your community.

Artists represented at the Fire on the Greeway Gallery include:  Benjamin Krikava, Brynne MacoskoCatherine Veigel, , Danielle Louden,  Jon Loer,  Kori Parish, Martha Brand, Melissa Favero, Sheryl Grassie.

We are right next door to one of the midwest’s most famous artisan tile maker, North Prairie Tile works.  Roger and his crew make the most amazing tiles you will ever see anywhere.  Stop by to see them also, you will not believe the amazing stuff they make . NPLogo


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