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Uptown Clay – Spring Open House and Ceramics Sale

Spring Open House Event. Mark your calendars; Saturday April 29th from 12:00-6:00 PM.

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Pottery: What’s “Hot” for 2017

As artists, who are looking for inspiration, do we try to follow current trends to make our work commercial, or do we follow our inner “voice” and make things that feed our creativity, regardless of whether they sell?

The Pottery Throw down is approaching; Local Potters sign-up now.

Wow has it been a year already since the 1st Pottery Throw Down? Yup.  If you recall, at the event last year, our volunteer potter’s threw 180 bowls that ended up being used over the course of several events; the biggest one that raised over $15,000 for homeless youth at Nicolet Square.  This years “Throw Down” will be on Saturday October 15th at Uptown Clay ( formerly known as Fire on the Greenway).  We are still at 2845 Harriet in south Minneapolis.  We will have a bunch of wheels set-up and pre-wedged clay to make bowls with. We will have a helpful “Clay Wench” to respond to the potters every wish and desire.  We are asking for “guest” potters (that’s you)  to volunteer a few hours to come and throw bowls.  We will take care of trimming and firing and the bowls.  The finished bowls will be donated to an event Empty Bowls is sponsoring in conjunction with Kingfield Neighborhood.  Here is a little bit about how they use the bowls for fundraising; In case you are unfamiliar with Empty Bowls, it …

Edmund de Wall’s The White Road: Journey into an Obsession

Edmund De Waal’s new book, ‘‘The White Road,’’ is about porcelain — the substance’s unexpectedly dramatic voyage, over the last 1,000 years, from one magic white hill in China, the original source of the clay, to the rest of the clamoring world: Versailles, Dresden, England and even concentration camps in Germany. (Hitler was one of history’s many porcelain-obsessed megalomaniacs.) Invented in China, about 1,000 years ago, porcelain is a ceramic made from a varying mixture of materials, the most indispensable of which is a whitish clay, kaolin. The city of Jingdezhen produced the most beautiful of these objects: bowls, jars, vases and other items created in vast quantities for the imperial court. Porcelain was so abundant in China that when Marco Polo made the first mention of the material in Western literature, it was to marvel that the pieces he encountered in China were “so plentiful and cheap that for a Venetian goat you might buy three bowls of such beauty that nothing lovelier could be imagined.” Not so in Europe, where, for 400 years …

Why Handmade, small batch ceramics are white hot right now. (according to the New York Times)

We are so ahead of the trend curve here at Fire on the Greenway.  We are making one of the hottest products right now and none of us even knew it. Check out the full article on the New York Times.  You see them in trendsetting boutiques like the Primary Essentials in Brooklyn and Still House in Manhattan, artfully arranged in window displays and on shelves like totems of good taste. They can be spotted in the stylized pages of Kinfolk, Apartamento and other cult magazines, often paired with organically shaped cutting boards and sun-dappled potted succulents. Vogue even devoted two pages in this year’s September issue to a new wave of independent ceramists. And among certain creative-minded millennials, ceramics have replaced jewelry and furniture made from salvaged lumber as the craft du jour, with access to choice kilns as a status symbol to be flaunted on Pinterest and Instagram. “There is beauty in imperfection and having items that are really handmade,” said the fashion designer Steven Alan, who populates his boutiques with textural American …

2015 Holiday Sale

It’s time for our annual Holiday Sale.  We hope you can stop by this Friday December 4th from 5:00-9:00 and Saturday from 1:00-7:00 for some holiday cheer at the studio on 2845 Harriet Avenue.  We are 1.5 blocks north of Lake St. on Harriet ( a one way going North) .  We will be serving wine and lite snacks and would love to see you.  The studio artists have been working on new work for the last couple of months and with this sale we are also able to feature the work of David Menk, local potter, and the fabric styling’s of Trish Lundberg who works in fabric with items like small bags, baby clothes and pillows.  Lot’s of gift items, handmade by local artist’s in your community.  Hope everyone can stop by!

We are so proud of our Studio Mate – Ryan Archibald

Our studio mate Ryan is having a show this month at the prestigious Northern Clay Center’s, Emily Galusha Gallery. Ryan was the recipient of the of the 2013 Anonymous Potters Studio Fellowship. Ryan lives in Minneapolis, where he works full-time as a potter at Dock 6 Pottery and maintains a studio at Fire on the Greenway. Over the course of his residency at NCC, he worked to develop a body of mid-range, soda-fired pottery. His work is driven by the contrast of geometry and line with the unpredictable nature of soda firing. Join us at the opening reception on Friday January 16th, 2015 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at: Northern Clay Center 2424 Franklin Avenue East Minneapolis, MN 55406