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Our New Studo Mate – Julian

We are super excited to let everyone know that Julian Childs-Walker has joined us in the studio! Julian is a recent graduate from Carleton College where he majored in physics.  We had a recent heat outage this January and Julian was the only one in the studio throwing; he thought that was just how it was there.  He was really surprised when they turned the heat back on and you didn’t have to worry about the clay freezing while you were throwing it. Julian grew up in Seattle, Washington with two sisters, two parents and more than two pets. He never thought he’d spend much time in the Midwest, but Julian hasn’t found his way out after graduating. He points blaming fingers at the people, the sky, and the starkly different seasons for his unanticipated stay. We hope he decides to stay for a while, especially so everyone can appreciate his stuff at the spring sale. Advertisements